SnackCo is a family owned business with its operations in Clearfield, UT. We take great consideration for both the environment and society.

Our products include various snack products, but we are primarily known for our batch-style kettle cooked chips, that are produced in a different way than the conventional potato chips. The company is owned by the Arnegård-Hansen family. The family business started 1992, and is now one of Europe’s largest potato-chips suppliers with different factories around the world. We have now entered the American market and are confident that we will be able to proudly supply our customers.

The company has, ever since its beginning in 1992 had the ambition to minimize the environmental impacts a manufacturing facility can impose. The social and environmental engagements are deep and broad. We are proud to be a part of Utah’s Own and to support natural food products for our faithful customers.

Business Idea

We are determined to produce the best chips around!